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Frequently asked questions

What Is Pop Spot?


Pop Spot is a curated shopping event for small businesses like boutiques, on-line stores, services and small brands that want more exposure, connections and to make revenue. We are selective with who we bring in and there is an application process.




Where is Pop Spot?


We have shows all over Texas; Midland(west), Odessa(west), Fort Worth(north central), Austin(south central) and Tyler(east). We pop up our shows anywhere from event centers, coffee shops, art museums, homes, and the list goes on. We are open to pop up anywhere with in reason!



When is Pop Spot?


We have shows throughout the year in all locations. We have Valentine's shows, back to school shows, Christmas shows and many more. Check our “Tickets” tab on our website to find out specific dates.



If I own a small business why should I apply to be apart of one of your shows?


If your business is only based online, Pop Spot is a great way to get exposure in person; to shoppers and other vendors. It’s also great if you own a store front, because at Pop Spot you will get a wide audience that perhaps you don’t get at your store front.



How much money does a vendor typically make at one show? 

The total revenue generated varies for each vendor. However, most vendors bring in anywhere around $2,000 to $4,000.



How do I become a vendor?


Fill out our application under the “Vendor Sign Up” tab. We will review your application and get back with you. 



If I am coming to a Pop Spot event as a shopper, what should I expect?


Expect drinks, music and mixing and mingling with other shoppers and tons of small brands, boutiques and businesses to shop from. 



Does Pop Spot give back to the community?


We love that you asked! YES! Pop Spot gives back to a chosen philanthropy that we partner with each show. Every show we make sure we give back a portion of ticket sales to that chosen philanthropy. We have partnered with Make A Wish, Habitat for Humanity, West Texas Food Bank, Buckner and many others. Check out our "Nonprofits" tab.



Is Pop Spot family friendly?


Absolutely! Bring your kids and spouses! There is something for everyone!

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